List of commands?

 From:  mash (MASH3D)
Hi I'm looking for a list of the commands that can be assigned to short cut keys.
in the docs I found these

AddPoint, Align, Arc3pt, ArcCenter, ArcContinue, ArcTangent, ArrayCircular, ArrayCurve, ArrayDir, ArrayGem, ArrayGrid, Blend, BooleanDifference, BooleanIntersection, BooleanMerge, BooleanUnion, BoundingBox, BoundingBoxCenter, Box, Box3pts, BoxCenter, Chamfer, Circle, Circle3pt, CircleDiameter, CircleTangent, Cone, Conic, Copy, CopyClipboard, CopyClipboardWithOrigin, Curve, Cut, Cylinder, Delete, Ellipse, EllipseCorner, EllipseDiameter, ExplodeMove, Export, Extend, Extrude, Fillet, Flip, Helix, History, Image, Import, ImportPart, IncrementalSave, Inset, InterpCurve, Intersect, Join, Line, Loft, Merge, Mirror, Move, Network, New, Offset, Open, OpenTemplate, Orient, OrientLinetoLine, Paste, PastePart, PlanarSrf, Plane, Plane3pts, PlaneCenter, Point, Polygon, PolygonEdge, PolygonStar, Polyline, Project, RailRevolve, Rebuild, Rect3pts, Rectangle, RectCenter, Revolve, Rotate, RotateAxis, Save, SaveAs, Scale, Scale1D, Scale2D, Separate, Shell, ShowPoints, ShrinkTrimmedSrf, Silhouette, SketchCurve, Sphere, Sweep, Text, Trim

Is that all of them at the moment?

Also is there a command history or echo that can be viewed?

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