moi multitouch demo.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> I do like your idea for the left thumb modifier or menu. Would love to try it..

It will probably be a while before I'll be able to give it a try. But basically I did notice in your video that your left thumb was just kind of sitting there inactive the whole time but really close to the screen. That seems like something that could be leveraged.

Getting 2 hands involved a little bit like just one activation gesture with the left hand could be really quick - left thumb to pop up a set of big buttons and then right hand or pen taps one would be really quick. Then that makes a whole bunch of actions quickly accessible with just one special activation gesture to remember. I really kind of gravitate more towards that sort of "just one unusual special gesture to learn" rather than umpteen different predefined gestures, a whole bunch of different multi finger ones are not "browsable" and have to be all remembered.

> I wonder how multitouch will play out..

One thing that's kind of problematic is various different form factors. Like this kind of left thumb press would be tuned for this particular small slate form factor. Then the other thing is multitouch all by itself feels weird to me because trying to draw precision things with fingers seems awkward. But for flicking and tapping large buttons multitouch is great. So having the pen stylus in combination with multitouch seems a lot better for design work... But will a pen stylus + touch tablet become the common form factor?

- Michael