moi multitouch demo.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> Windows 8 does use the left side of the screen for app switching and such.

Does this only happen when you're also running some "Metro" applications?

> That said, 10 touches leaves quite a bit of room for growth.. I was thinking
> that it would be nice to have 4 and 5 finger modifiers.. Keep in mind that
> each modifier "chord" can go a number of ways. 4 fingers can be swiped in
> any direction, rotated or pinched.

These advanced gestures are so hidden and non discoverable though, that's the thing I don't like about having too many of them, at least by default.

For undo/redo for example, what about if there was one gesture like pressing near the left edge which you could do with your left thumb that popped up a toolbox in the center of the screen with 16 double large (double the width and height of MoI's regular already largish command buttons) in the center of the screen and you had undo/redo on that?

Do you really do undo/redo so often that you would want to have them on a special dedicated gesture that you then have to keep in mind all the time?

When there's only a small number of gestures it's so much easier to remember them all.

- Michael