moi multitouch demo.

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> But will a pen stylus + touch tablet become the common form factor?

Well, with the number of next gen windows tablets being touch and pen + The thriving and innovative stylus market for android and IOS capacitive touch screen devices + the amount of art and drawing apps available, I would say that people want to draw. Currently, The best way to draw is with a pressure sensitive pen.. Until we are all wearing Head mounted displays and screens go in the landfills, UIs should be evolving and adapting to the best input methods.. keeping up with the latest will at least keep you in the running for the big jumps ahead.

Note: The head mounted display thing Is going to happen faster than most people think. My bet is that wearable display technology will be the fastest adopted technology in history. Faster than the smart phone. When did the first IPhone come out again? I believe that now is the time for Software developers to start thinking about what collaborative Augmented reality Uis look like through hmds. There is a gold mine of valuable IP just waiting to pan out for those that have vision.

You may remember that you thought I was crazy a few years from now. :-) Make sure to come back here and comment while you wear your glasses. :)

Isaiah Coberly