How To : construct cylinder with rotated grid

 From:  bemfarmer
Here are my first 3 attempts.

Make square, separate, flip 2 opposite sides, select 3 sides and lineweb.
Select 4th side and one adjoining side, lineweb, repeat to finish grid.
Delete two duplicate diagonals.

Join the square, planar to green plane.

Divide square side of 6 by 2 PI, for cylinder radius. Flow grid with green baseplane onto cylinder. Done

The two flat spirals used a baseline line, and a circle. MoI froze up (30 seconds) trying to move the magenta one, (took 30 seconds to cancel move.)
The file save worked, but the file does not appear in the MoI open list. (The magenta one is very large, 1,778 kb.)

EDITED: 10 Aug 2013 by BEMFARMER