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 From:  ed17 (ED17ES)
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Great to hear some of those features are on your plans! Just a couple of things...

"I'm not sure that I've seen an object naming system that allows for that."

Every program I can think of (not that I know hundreds) like Modo, Autocad, Photoshop, Illustrator, always have a name active. Modo have both, the equivalent of objects and styles and it always has an object active.

"It could possibly "hurt" if it needed to have a special additional control added for it which was always taking up extra space in the scene browser and didn't serve any other purpose"

Thinking about that, the indicator may be the background colour (or the font colour) of the name and the trigger can be a right clic.

"Yeah I definitely want to do these, I think both geometry groups (which would give hierarchy and also allow selection as one unit), and also folders too which I think would also be useful for organizing styles too."

Great because it is #1 in my list now!

"But in general right now I'm currently mostly focused on modeling tool enhancements, since being blocked from some areas of model creation tends to be a bigger overall problem for more people I think. Object management enhancements don't really give much benefits to people who are just trying to build one single model, they're primarily of benefit to a smaller number of much more advanced users..."

One of the top selling points of MoI (from where I see it) is its user interface. It is second to none and people know it. The toolset is great, it helps you doing most things you want and it is complete for most people. The ones that need more advanced tools are the advanced users and they can find those tools on other software. What you can not find anywhere else is the gold UI MoI has. That important is the UI for MoI.

And with the file optimisation, well, it can wait! Thanks for your answer!