General thoughts

 From:  ed17 (ED17ES)
MoI is great. It has a toolset so very well chose that it feels very complete and clean. With the inclusion of the brilliant flow command and the new ngone tool it just gets a lot better. The render engine is the better and most optimized out there and getting better now being multithreaded. The layer system is the easiest to use that I know and the import export options are great.

Well, all that is impressive. MoI outdone every other package in a lot of things it does. Because of that (and because of a great price) a lot of people from different industries are using it an integrating it into its workflow. I can talk for myself having used it in the process of making sketches and diagrams, architectural plans, product prototyping and laser cutting, architectural models (some under construction now), even a magazine logo and a lot more.

You may think why am I talking about things you may know? Well sometimes we know a lot of things but we have not thought about them as a whole. What I want to do by summarising all this is, first to remember what a great piece of software MoI is, and second to tell what I think MoI may need that will be useful for the majority of MoI users based on this kind of big picture of the program and my own day by day experience.

First, pdf export. MoI at its heart is a CAD package, thought for precision. And who needs precision? Mostly the people that needs to output its work. And a first output for revision may be printing on paper, precisely. Pdf (if I remember well) is a little brother of the .ai format, maybe it will not be to hard to bring it to MoI. Just a sheet size and a scale factor will be enough for a useful pdf output.

Second, objet management. Some time ago I ask if objects could behave like styles (styles are more than perfect). That made sense for me, and still it does, but maybe not for everyone. Two of those things I ask this time. First, an option to have an "active name" so that every object you make has that name (or maybe you can have none selected). It doesn't hurt anyone, instead it may help a lot of people. And second an easy way of changing some geometry to another object name (I know you can do that with a plug in but it does take some time to pop up and it does so in your face). Just like you can do with styles.

Continuing with object management, a feature proven to be a must: Groups (or folders). Just like photoshop has. When you have a lot of object names or styles you just can not find what you want as you do when the list is shorter. It is useful when you have sets of objects, and then sub-sets of them, like if you are modelling a tank (I have seen a lot of those in the forum) you can have the weels as an object, but then inside the weels there are the belts, the weels per se, some bolts and so on. Also, take my case for example, I can have a group of styles for curves and another one for solids and inside the solids a group for metals, other for plastics, other for woods, and so on.

Finaly, file optimization. This can be a little tricky. I know there has been some talking about instances / blocks, and thats one. The other can be external references so you can split a file into several and then just reference them.

So this is some feedback. I know Michael knows well what MoI needs most.