Program moi works like this

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Khalil, CAD programs which are focused on generating accurate shapes using mostly 2D profile curves do not tend to be very good for creating organic models.

In a similar way, programs that are focused on organic modeling are not good at doing accurate mechanical models.

There is not any one single 3D modeling technique that is universally good at every single kind of shape - different modeling technologies tend to be good at particular kinds of shapes.

Although it's not too bad to use MoI to generate some elements of scroll work, the original model that you posted in the first message of this thread is of a quite high level of complexity, it will be quite difficult to create a highly complex organic shape like that in MoI. I would recommend that if you're already familiar with creating that shape in 3DS Max that you would probably want to continue using your current technique for that and probably not try to use MoI for that particular style of model.

Although it's possible to do it, it's not really the kind of thing that the software is primarily designed to do.

- Michael