Incremental angle.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny,

> I was thinking only for Lines not all commands seeing that we use lines the most for base construction of models.
> This is how I was picturing it.

It's hard to do that without breaking consistent operation - why just lines and not polylines and construction lines for example?

Also too much redundancy can be problematic - you can currently set it globally and also for a one shot override. Adding in more related settings increases overall complexity related to snapping, there would then be 3 different possible ways that the angle could be set for the case of drawing a line, and there would actually be 2 different angle controls showing at the same time, one on the bottom toolbar and then a second one in the line options area...

Too many settings all piling onto the same function can tend to lead to confusion about which one is supposed to be used.

It could be possible to set up a keyboard shortcut with a script that would toggle between some predefined angles, like switch the global snap angle from 90 degrees to 5 degrees or back again on every keystroke. Let me know if you would like a script that does that.

- Michael