Incremental angle.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, I think that would be problematic to have a different snap setting for every command individually.

Instead of just one setting there would then be some dozens of them and problems start happening like - what if you went in and set all these individual settings and then wanted to have a new global setting instead - would you need to go into every single separate command field that you had previously put something in, in order to blank out these individual per-command settings and let the global one come into effect again?

Having a whole lot of separate individual settings just tends to make things more difficult to manage.

> Michael, is there a script so I can assign a shortcut to bring the Snap section of the Options.

Within one session the Options dialog will remember and restore the section that was active when you last closed it.

So if you're using it a bunch of times in sequence you don't really need a special shortcut to get back to the same section, if you close it with the Snaps section being active the next time you open it within the same session it will then start out at Snaps. You will only need to set it the first time you use it in a particular session, or if you happen to go into some other section to adjust some other setting.

- Michael