Incremental angle.

 From:  Michael Gibson
5712.13 In reply to 5712.12 
Hi Danny,

> You wouldn't have to use the bottom toolbar anymore for Lines you just enter the value
> in the new field and your line or polyline will snap at that increment value all the time,
> untick it and you have global snaps back.

Yeah but I still have to account for the fact that the bottom toolbar one exists, what if someone did try to use it? How would someone know that they were supposed to ignore the bottom toolbar one in that one specific line drawing case but then actually use the bottom toolbar one for all other cases? These are some of the issues trying to implement what you were previously describing.

It's not easy for someone when seeing 2 different areas to enter in seemingly similar values (like a snap angle override) to know that under some particular circumstance they are supposed to ignore one of them...

- Michael