Incremental angle.

 From:  Michael Gibson
5712.11 In reply to 5712.10 
Hi Danny,

> That's where I thought the tick box would come in where it would override the global setting to avoid the piling up.

Ok, but what if you set the tick box on, and entered in a value there, and then went to the angle constraint control on the bottom toolbar and entered in a different value for the one-shot angle constraint down there, what should then be taken as the current angle snap in that situation?

Basically there is already a method to override the global snap using the angle constraint method. Trying to make 2 methods of overriding it then brings up the question which of these overrides has precedence over the other override.

The pile up is more about having 2 override methods fighting with one another, not about one override and the global one.

- Michael