feature request: temporarily suspend history update

 From:  Michael Gibson
571.4 In reply to 571.3 
Hi Michael, well it wasn't easy but I just finished the history canceling / updating stuff which will be in the next beta. I'm not sure when the next beta will be ready, maybe the end of next week.

Now the immediate object that you are editing stays responsive when you drag the mouse around, and history updates will happen if they can be done within a short time period, or otherwise they get automatically canceled and a new history calculation is started. If you hold your mouse still for a moment you can let it "catch up".

When you finish an operation, like for example when you release the mouse for a dragging operation, MoI will wait and finish computing the history updates then. If it takes a while, it will display "Calculating", and you can push the Cancel button or hit the escape key to cancel the entire operation if it is taking too long, which wasn't previously possible.

There is one negative side effect - there is a bit of overhead to having history be interruptable like this, so some simple things that previously updated really quickly will have a slightly less fluid feel. Like if you edit a curve, the curve itself will immediately move into its new place, but the history update will get there just a slight moment after. The history kind of "follows" the curve a little bit instead of moving with the curve always all in one single step like it previously did. It has a slightly different feel.

But the good part is that the thing that you are immediately editing stays fluid while you move the mouse around even if there is complex history attached to it. Things don't completely "lock up" while the history is being updated like it previously would.

- Michael