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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, if it doesn't like n-gons then you can solve that by exporting from MoI using "Output: Quads & Triangles" instead of "Output: N-gons". You won't really be losing out on that much - n-gons tend to be more useful when you're bringing them into a polygon modeling system where you may be doing some more stuff like applying UV mapping and things like that, if you're bringing your data into more of a pure rendering program that doesn't really do polygon modeling at all then there isn't really much downside to using "Quads & Triangles" output instead of n-gons output.

So it shouldn't really be a particularly big deal if you can't use n-gons.

re: Scale - if it likes to have objects at a particular scale you can put in a scale factor in MoI under Options > Import/Export > OBJ options > "Scale factor". If Lumion for example expects to have coordinates at some size 100 times larger than what you usually model at, then just put in Obj options > "Scale factor" = 100 and MoI will then apply that scale factor at export time.

So I would think either of those particular problems should be not be difficult to solve.

- Michael