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 From:  Mauro (M-DYNAMICS)
Hello Dr.Burr
if you are interested in real-time visualization,especially in stills, here is a new tip:
RandomControl,house of ARION and FRYRENDER(no more released) will release a LIVE plug-in for Rhino 5 !!!
what means this:inside Rhino you can have a realtime preview with one of best unbiased renderers quality
set UV's,materials,lights and everything else in Rhino than convert or apply Arion materials,so you can launch the render,or better..a real-time digital photo..
Arion use all cpu's+gpu's(nvidia)at same time or,if you want,you can choose which device use to render(if gpu or cpu)
If you buy Lumion base =1500 $ approx. that is same price buying both Rhino+Arion live
mantain your"old" quadro for navigation and UI display, and add a new one like a Gygabite geforce 660 ti 3Gb videomemory for computation(Arion ask you which graphic card you want to use)
so...1500+300( geforce 660)=1800$ approx

this new could be useful also for all Rhino users here

cool hat that one in the gallery !