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 From:  BurrMan
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"""""The only problem is the price! Hoppefuly a free version exists for Hobbyst """"""""""

Hey Frenchy,
Yeah, you turned me on to Lumion. Yes, the price is not cheap, but I will try to punch the price into a job I'm doing, and then I'll have it.

They DO have a free version, not for commercial use. It adds a watermark, and also is limiting in the amount of materials you can apply, and so forth. It's good enough to evaluate it, which is what I'm working right now, to be sure I can do what i want. The "other" downside for me, is it likes "gaming cards" like the new GTX cards. My current system is quadro based. I'll need to punch out a new Game rig to use it well also, which adds 3-4 K, but i have a few other apps that like those also and it seems to be more the "wave" with alot of stuff.