Request - Better hidden edges when selected

 From:  Michael Gibson
5702.5 In reply to 5702.4 
Hi Mike,

> Let's say; your selected object could have hidden lines that are 50% transparent, and all
> non-selected objects could be set to show a slightly visible 20%.

The issue with this one is that transparent lines will get darker when there are more of them stacked up on top of one another, so it's difficult to guarantee that the non-selected ones would all be at a uniform 20% only.

> Or, the selected hidden lines could have a special hidden-line-selected color that would
> inherently work with the chosen color scheme for selected objects.

This one has the problem that just in general attaching special meaning to certain colors tends to make it difficult to then also use colors for organization purposes. I try pretty hard to only use color indicators for a small number of things like selection so that you have most colors available for your own use instead of taken up with other meanings.

- Michael