auto naming function

 From:  noskule
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hi michael
Yes that would help. So after running the command like sweep the curves are still selected. I could run the naming command with a shortcut which would ask me to select the object which I would like to name.

About strip off the "CE" ending. Instead of strip ".CE" it would be better to strip a point be following 2 uppercase letters. This would allow having other endings as well.

One more thing nice would be to have a command which toggles the visabillity of the object or its corresponding construction elements.

Case: toggle visibillity of construction elements
1. select the object, press the shortcut and the construction elements will be hidden or shown

Case: toggle visibillity of object
1. select a construction element, press the shortcut and the object will be hidden or shown

So if you could set up such a script to I would be very happy :)

Currently what I do is that I give construction elements a style, so I can show/hide all the construction elements. But the downside of this is that is (A) it hides just all the construction elements and (B) I would like to use the syles for assemblies to visually support the representation of the functionallity. So the construction elements would get the same color as there corresponding object.