Is there a 'fill' or 'skin' command in Moi?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> but Im not sure if MOI packs the background images as well,

It doesn't, so thanks for including them.

So the background image snapping that I described won't help you in this case, it looks like you've already got the image perfectly centered because you snapped it to the grid. The problem here appears that the drawing itself is not centered within the bitmap image.

Instead of snapping on to a corner of the image, you can also just drag on the image to shift it around a little bit - so to center this one you want to zoom in to some reference area like the hood ornament, and then go to View/Image, and then click and drag on the image and shift it left or right until it looks more centered.

You'll need to approach the curve drawing slightly differently too - there you've got your curves as a bunch of line segments. That is going to be hard to surface with a smooth surface patch, you're going to want to draw smooth curves there instead. This is a lot different than the Sub-D style, things don't get smoothed down from a set of facets, instead with NURBS modeling you more construct smooth surfaces directly from smooth curves. Faceted curves will give you faceted surfaces.

I'll give you some details and examples tomorrow...

- Michael