Is there a 'fill' or 'skin' command in Moi?

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Hey Michael,

Thanks for the feedback, I'll try the image snapping ASAP. I think what I basically need to know is if it would be more of an advantage to do this kind of modeling in MOI instead of my regular sub-d modeler. I've actually modeled about 60% of this car already, and just wanted to know if I could do it with greater accuracy using MOI.

I'm attaching the .3dm file to this post, but Im not sure if MOI packs the background images as well, so I suppose I should upload those too.

Anyway, if you could be kind enough to give me a quick runthrough of how to tackle the bonnet, I'll be able to figure out how to model the rest of the car. Then I can establish if MOI is the best solution for this kind of modeling. (which I hope it is btw, Im having a blast so far)

anyway, thank you.