Is there a 'fill' or 'skin' command in Moi?

 From:  Michael Gibson
570.2 In reply to 570.1 
Hi Madcow,

> Is there any way to get it dead centre? (to the grid origin)

To do this, first draw a line as a snapping aid. Make the line the width that you want the image to be, then grab the line near the middle and drag it to the origin. Make sure object snap is enabled, you should see a "Mid" snap when you are dragging the line around.

Now go to the View / Image command - while you are in that command the images are editable - grab the image on the inside near one corner (but not so close as to get the scaling grip), and drag it. You should see an "end" snap on the image which lets you snap the corner of the image to some other point. Snap it on to the end of the line.

Now grab the scaling grip opposite of the corner you just placed, and snap it to the other end of the line.

The result of that should position the image right along that line, and since the line is centered around the grid origin, the image will be too.

Let me know if any of this doesn't make sense.

> 2) I traced a profile curve to define the bonnet. Can I fill or skin this curve
> or do I need to take a different approach to modeling the bonnet?

MoI doesn't have a tool to create an "N-sided patch" yet (won't have it for version 1.0). Instead to skin it you need to arrange it in a sort of 4-sided topology and then use sweeps or network surfaces to skin that topology.

If you post a .3dm model file of your curves I could offer some better suggestions...

- Michael