Is there a 'fill' or 'skin' command in Moi?

 From:  -- (MADCOW)
Hey folks,

I've only been messing around with Moi for a couple of hours and I feel I could use it to model some fairly complex stuff. With that, I've decided to tackle the audi R8. Probably a bad choice considering my nurbs experience, but I like to learn on my feet.

Anyway, I've included a screencap to use for the following questions.

1) If you look at the top view, you'll notice that the schematic is slighly off. Is there any way to get it dead centre? (to the grid origin)

2) I traced a profile curve to define the bonnet. Can I fill or skin this curve or do I need to take a different approach to modeling the bonnet?

any advice would be gratefully recieved :)