The pirate Periscope

 From:  Paulo (MADEIRA3D)
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Michael: Thank you, I think that is my favorite also.

Shapenoid: I also love your maxwell and moi work. There is something with maxwell noisi renders that I really love :-)
In fact , does maxwell run on mac and do they have demo's that work?
I would love to play a bit ...

That is in fact a very interesting question, only after reading your post I reminded that I never added any kind of mapping in modo....ahahahahahaa
I'm using the default one that is Solid. Like I told I made this just to practice moi and my goal was to have a render in modo like the kind of renders that I think you post sometimes, just throw something in there and render.
So since the beginning the bump always looked good (ok ok almost allways :-) so I compltelly forgot about the uv need.

The problem is that modo I 'm never happy with the result and I always have to adjust stuff and tweak light,positions,etc. In the end I like the results, but I wish I could also just throw something in there like in some unbiased engine and that things looked good.

So to reply, there is no uv, it all worked perfectly out of moi.