Extrud shortcut

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mir4ea, there is a menu item called "Add default styles" which is located here:

That's what I thought you were referring to - that one brings in the set of default styles into the current model, like if you had opened a file from someone else that had a different styles list in it and you wanted to bring in your regular set of default styles to work with.

It sounds like that is not what you wanted though, it sounds like you want a way to add in a new style and then automatically make it the "active" style as well.

Unfortunately right now there is not any method set up for a script to be able to change the "active style" so it is not currently possible to make a keyboard shortcut to do that, I will add a method so that scripts can set the active style so that it will be possible to do that in the next v3 beta.

Right now you will need to set that particular thing by a right-click on the style swatch though instead of having a shortcut key for it.

- Michael