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hi michael!

did you try this one? it's a bit DIY, but nevertheless

"multitouch vista has two parts : the input manager and the driver. the driver is just a universal hid compliant device that takes input from multitouchvista input manager and sends it to windows (wm_touch). multitouch vista input manager then takes two possible inputs (multiple mice or TUIO). "

"MTVista takes x,y from mice (multimice mode) or TUIO data (x,y, speed,… in TUIO mode) and sends it to the driver, then windows interprets them as wm_touch as this is what the driver is supposed to output…"

there are various TUIO Tracker Implementations available, but sadly enough not for the Logitech Touchpad (at the moment)..but there are apps for android/wacom bamboo/iphone

another solution would be something like


all the best,

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