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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi San, that is a cool logo!

> but Moi3D is not working with the filetypes that Sketchup is exporting.

MoI and Sketchup use different methods for defining 3D objects.

Sketchup uses a polygon-based method, but MoI uses a method called "NURBS", which are sort of smooth surface patches.

It is possible to break a smooth NURBS surface up into Polygons, and that is what MoI does when you export to an .obj, .3ds, or .stl file. But it is not very easy to take a bunch of polygons and try to reconstruct a smooth surface patch out of them, so it is hard to go from polygons in Sketchup into MoI.

> also interesting would be to know how to import lines. like from autocad...

Is it possible to export the lines as an IGES file from AutoCAD? A long time ago it used to be possible, but I guess they probably removed that at some point.

I would think that there should be some kind of plug-in for AutoCAD that would enable saving IGES files though, if you could find a plugin for that, then that would be a method.

I do want to add support to MoI for reading AutoCAD DWG/DXF files, but I won't be able to work on that until version 2.0 of MoI.

- Michael