Two little questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi DesuDeus,

> What I mean with the second request is a way to rotate the 3D view not based on the
> center of the 3D view but based on where the mouse is, kinda like if the mouse was the
> pivot point of the camera... Or like if the mouse was where the camera was looking at.

Sorry no, there's no way currently to rotate the view around anything other than the rotation pivot point which is along the eye/camera direction line in the center of the viewport.

Your mouse cursor is really only a 2D screen point and so it doesn't really make sense to rotate around the mouse cursor itself, it has to be some kind of 3D point. Cinema4D might do something like project out a ray through the mouse screen point and use the point where it hits. But that could cause some weird behavior like for example rotation behaving very erratic if you are looking close to the horizon line of the plane that it's intersecting with.

- Michael