First weeked with moi

 From:  Paulo (MADEIRA3D)
Hello all

So this was my first play with moi.
I mus say that I´m loving the freedom and there are areas were I´m quite impressed and I believe Michael devoted some time to those. Like fillets and some other surfacing features are really great.
For example a simple thing is the fact that moi when you click one element like one edge , he will filter edges only in case you wan to fillet something, this is great, simple and functional (so no need for extra element filer toolbars) .
Yesterday I selected by area and moi selected edges that already had fillets on it and were not possible to add it again so I tough if would fail but no, he still filleted the edges that were possible. :-)

Ok I noticed moi still has some problems with seems, like for example when a sphere intersects another elment and when we try to add fillet in that area were both edges are intersecting. My work arround was I just rotated the shpere edge and then it fileted fine.

My first question is: I´m still a bit lost in the UI (yes I know its simple) but I want to move fast in the ui, and sometimes I´m still lost looking for the right button or the join button ,etc.

I believe I saw somewhere that with the right code you can add your own shortcuts (I saw that option under options) but my request is, can´t we have all the list of possible commands inside that shortcuts window or something so that for new users they don+t have to google search what is the script to run in order to join something and that apply that script to some shortcut?

Congrats Michael