Enjoying the MoI for Mac

 From:  crackajack (AKSUV)
I stumbled upon MoI 3D through the purchase of a cnc router. The manufacture recommended this software for creating 3D shapes to cut. Since then it has worked it's way into many creative endeavors.

After making the switch 6 years ago to apple I initially used boot camp or parallels to run the windows based applications I still needed. It's been a pleasure to be able to work with the mac version. It has been very stable.

I have to compliment Michael on the illustrator export option. I use both coreldraw and illustrator to create art. (example bellow) The drawings are penned using a Wacom Cintiq pen display. In many ways the curve/shape creation and manipulation tools are superior to both of these programs. I often create shapes and designs in MoI and then export them to illustrator for coloring and effects.

The installation, licensing process, learning curve, and usability are all very intuitive.

Happy creating.