Moi3D and Linux (WINE)

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Has anyone tried? I am interested too and will try to make time to install and run it on Ubuntu Linux tonight. The past two weeks I have been slowly backing up my data and switching to Linux on all my machines. I will be keeping XP around for dual-booting, but do not plan on ever buying Vista. I am down to switching over my primary machine to a dual-boot Ubuntu Linux / XP machine now. I'm just finishing up a tutorial vid and doing some backups first.

After all the research and testing I have done I have found alternatives to all the apps I use in XP for Linux, with the exception of MoI. Also, my primary graphics app, Maya, runs on Linux anyway. So right now it seems MoI will be the only program keeping me dual-booting to XP, but if it runs under WINE that would be great.