problem with window

 From:  Michael Gibson
5642.2 In reply to 5642.1 
Hi Klark, is it possible that something has become corrupted in your install like anything having been modified by some other program inside the install folder?

That's the most likely thing that would cause that kind of problem, you might try a re-install and make sure that you're not installing any "cracked" or modified version when you do the re-install.

You can get a new download of the installer by entering in your license key here:

If it is some virus checking mechanism that might be modifying MoI you may need to change some settings on it to stop it from interfering with MoI, there might be some kind of exclusion list that you can add MoI to. But most often this problem is related to trying to run a cracked copy of the software. If that's not what you're doing then try doing a re-install.

- Michael