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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Danny, also I've seen before that people coming from a polygon modeling background can often get fixated on trying to only use Network to build everything from an entire set of drawn in wireframe edges.

But that's not really what the NURBS toolset is best used for - instead of initially drawing every single 3D edge of your model usually with NURBS modeling it is better to try and draw primarily 2D profile curves and let many of the 3D swooping edges be formed by booleans and intersections between different 2D profiles rather than trying to draw every single 3D edge in directly.

Often times you will want to initially create objects that are simple in topology and extend through an area and then cut that object to form the final edge.

If you're trying to model something that is very organic in nature and is not very well defined by any 2D profile curves at all, that can be a general sign that the particular project that you're working on would be handled better by polygon modeling in a sub-d modeling program rather than in a NURBS modeling program.

Check out here for some links to discussions and general tips for people who are coming from a sub-d / poly modeling background:

The primary strategy for NURBS modeling is very different than polygon modeling - in polygon modeling you do go in and manipulate everything directly in 3D. In NURBS modeling you primarily want to use a smaller number of 2D curves to generate much of the model and many of the 3D parts come from intersections between those shapes.

- Michael