Modelling the DeHavilland Canada Caribou.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi John, you've gotten your objects doubled up - the things that look like a surface but report as a solid are in fact 2 surfaces exactly stacked on top of each other with their edges glued to each other, making a kind of infinitely thin invalid solid.

The indicator will read as "Solid" if you've got a shape that has all edges joined to one another - it would take a lot of extra time to try and analyze the shape to look for invalid situations like you've got here, so that readout does not try to do anything fancy like that, if it sees all edges are joined it will say "solid" there.

So in order to fix this you need to select each piece that says that, and run Edit > Separate on it, and then click on it at which point one of the doubled pieces will be selected, then delete to get rid of the doubled ones. In fact you will probably want to continue deleting until you see that there is nothing left and then undo one step to recover the last one, just in case you have got actually more than 2 stacked up on the same spot.

This kind of thing can happen if you duplicate objects directly on top of one another and then use Join on them.

- Michael