Advantages of v3 for "meshing users"?

 From:  Micha
Hi Michael,

I'm using MoI most for getting clean and lightweight meshes for rendering per Rhino+Vray. I ask me, are there advantages of v3 for me except bug fixes?

Since a long time I miss a way to keep the layer structure during meshing objects. Will it be possible? Can I write meshes to 3dm files? Could be great to see it at v3, also if it would be a hidden feature enabled per ini file only. It's a dream for my workflow to open a 3dm NURBS file at MoI and finally to get all objects meshed at the right layers at Rhino.

Will be there some new meshing options like a refinement per "max error"? Often I run in the problem, that large light bend objects need a to fine "angle" or "divide larger than" to get a mesh without visible mesh angle jumps. For example a scene with a train and a light rail curve. The rail need a low angle, but it cause to much polygons for the train details. For example a simple "max error" of 1 scene unit (cm) would do it.

Will be there a 64bit version for handling complex files?

If none is implemented yet, could it be added please?


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