Inset question

 From:  Michael Gibson
5632.13 In reply to 5632.1 
Hi mir4ea, it looks like some kind of a bug in one of the shelling steps that Inset does. I haven't found out the specific bug yet but sometimes things with smooth boundaries can have the problem where one step generates a shape that is just very slightly not entirely smooth at its closure area and then if another step after that thinks that it's a sharp edge that needs to be extended and intersected and it is problematic to try to find the intersection on pieces that are nearly tangent to one another because they meet more at an area of overlap rather than at a distinct sharp intersection curve.

I'm not entirely sure that is the particular issue here though, it's unfortunately quite difficult to figure these things out.

So anyway for the time being you would need to use some alternate series of steps to get what you need here.

- Michael