Reference image from clipboard or with "drag and drop"

 From:  keyi
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Since as you said "paste image from clipboard" is not possible because image infrastructure mostly assumes that the image exists on your disk somewhere with a filename for it.

Would it be possible to have action/script with appropriate button to "paste image from clipboard" in Image section BUT what it actually does then
it just automatically save image from clipboard always in same directory of choice and add it in that Image panel, then you just drag the image in viewport.

Later when and if a lot of images accumulates in that directory you can always just delete them all manually.

My workflow is usually modeling in Maya then when i need something very specific and/or hard to model i take the screenshot of the model
in Maya and import the image in MoI which i use to model the object i need in MoI and that will fit perfectly when i export it back from MoI to Maya.

So basically it would be just removing the part of saving image (search where to save) and Add image in MoI (search again where you saved it).

Would it be possible? Would be awesome timesaver.