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Hi Jay

Have spent the last 25 years working has a system engineer/admin, currently managing 200+ servers (windows,linux,netware) and 600 deskstops in my real job, got sick of the having to manage a windows platform at home, have tried Linux many times over the years, starting with slackware 0.9 (I think). last year when the kids PC died, I gave them my PC and decided to try a mac, brought the cheapest mac mini I could get, upgrading it to 8GB ram, (third party ram) , just love it, MoI runs great on it and for me the other main interest is photography , and I used DxO Pro Optic, for processing my raws, and DxO provide both a windows and Mac license. The only time I fire up a windows box, is when I want to run Zsurf, even then I fire up a VirtualBox virtual windows XP on the Mac.

My $800.00 dual core i5 , 8GB ram, Mac Mini processes 14Mbit raw images in around 15sec, my work laptop, top of the line HP, $3500 quad core i7 with 8GB ram windows 7 64bit does it in 12 secs, using the same version of DxO. I find that I can push OSX much harder for longer then Windows 7 it just seems to handle RAM/swap a lot better than windows. the only complaint was when an Apple update broke X11 , but Michael had a fix for MoI real quick :)
Also run Simlab Composer (uses keyshot render engine), ViaCad, netfabb, meshlab, vuescan all native OSX apps.

Cheers, Steve