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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jay - thanks I'm glad that you like MoI!

MoI is not 100% Qt based, it uses Qt mostly just for hosting WebKit for the UI, there is still a lot of Win32 code in MoI for a lot of various things. So it's not simply a matter of just a recompile which it sounds like you were thinking of.

MoI v3 will run on Linux under Wine though, as long as you have a good enough video driver. But that's the big problem currently with Linux - it's very common for systems to have unstable and generally poor quality video drivers when it comes to 3D accelerated functions. MoI depends on good quality video drivers in order to be able to work at all, so that's a significant problem.

If I were to try to seriously target Linux it would probably require a huge constant effort of testing a whole lot of different video cards and different video drivers and continuously giving out advice for which drivers people should use with which particular video cards. There would be a significant amount of support work involved in that. And really it's not all that frequently requested.

So with a general cost/benefit analysis, it's something like "lots of cost involved, high support burden, small benefit gained". I'm only a single person doing all the work for MoI so it is vitally important for me to work in a completely opposite manner to that - I need to try to generate high value for a smaller amount of effort, not spend enormous effort to deliver smaller value. So that makes it unlikely to be a target anytime too soon.

If you do have a good enough video driver it will be possible to run MoI v3 using Wine already though, so there is actually a way you can run it without any separate huge porting undertaking happening.

Sorry for the bad news,
- Michael