DXF Dialog Colors

 From:  Michael Gibson
5618.2 In reply to 5618.1 
Hi ed, the dialog there looks kind of mangled, I don't think that's just a color problem, the structure of the whole dialog is wrong, like the third line there where you have a select control all the way over on the left-hand side, that would only happen if the label text was completely missing and not just if it was colored differently. Also the title text of the dialog (in the top blue title bar) is missing.

Is it possible that you've edited the DXFDialog.htm file somehow that is making it messed up?

What happens in a default install, does the DXF dialog look like this or does it look fine there?

.... Actually I bet I know what's happened - you've copied an older version of the EnglishStrings.txt file over on top of a more recent version and that's caused you to lose various new UI strings.

You can't just copy older beta UI files directly over top of new ones like that or else stuff like this can happen where you effectively erase various things in the newer UI. This is one of the reasons why I generally don't recommend modifying the UI if you're using the beta releases, it's difficult to maintain your modifications along with modifications that are coming from new features being added as well.

- Michael