MoI's DXF Options

 From:  Colin
Hi Michael,

I'm looking for some advice concerning the various DXF Export options.

I've been producing some components that are Laser Cut in mild steel.
Through trial & error I established the Laser Company needed the DXF files as a particular type!
I've been using Rhino4 to do this, using the "2004 Lines" option.

With the recent introduction of DXF Export to the V3 Beta's (Thank you), so now I'm looking at using MoI for doing this.
My only problem is that I'm unsure as to "which" of the MoI DXF options will match up to R4's "2004 Lines"...
...Splines, Cubic splines, Polylines...?

Thought it better to ask you first, rather that put the Laser people through the trial & error all over again.

regards Colin