Gordon bug

 From:  Michael Gibson
560.5 In reply to 560.4 
> Hmm, what i'm doing wrong here?

Well, one part is a bug which is causing a kind of asymmetrical lump in one spot. I need to do some work to fix that up.

But to get what I think you're expecting you're going to need to place 2 more sections for the open curves direction, so you would have 4 sections going around that direction instead of only 2 sections.

The Gordon/Network surface is not really quite the same as sweep, with sweep you would expect the shapes to swing around and pivot as things moved along the other curves.

Gordon/Network surface does not do that same kind of pivoting, instead sections kind of morph more directly from one to the other, more as if you had lofted between them...

Imagine if you did a loft just between those 2 open curves, that would result in a really flat type of surface, in one sense that is what happens here, that's why the result surface does not bulge out along the sides, it is also snapped more tightly between just those 2 curves.

Something like 4 curves around in a ring will then loft between each other to make a more "sweep-like" result.

- Michael