New Sep-4-2006 beta available now.

 From:  Michael Gibson
56.7 In reply to 56.3 
Hi Frenchy, thanks for testing the new features.

> (You Must enable "Show points" for modify the "Historic" curve, ist that normal? )

Yup, that's normal. History doesn't provide any special editing tools for the curves, you just use the regular curve edit tools (which show points is really the one) to edit the curves.

> History Edit curve don't work for a curve of an object trimmed or a "draw solid"? ist that normal?

For draw solid it is normal because those tools take points as input, they don't take the curves directly as input to build the solid. Do you mean something like remembering if a point was snapped on to a curve and then updating it when the curve moves? This may be possible in the future but probably not for quite a while.

Trimmed objects run into a different limitation - history right now only works if all the objects involved with the history are available and have not been deleted. Many operations such as trimming or booleans involve automatically deleting an object and putting a new object in its place. This is different than extrude for example, which does not delete the curve that is being extruded.

So say you draw a curve, then extrude it, then trim the extrude. If you then edit the curve, history will look for an object that uses the curve so it can update it, but it can't find one, because the trimmed extrude did not directly use the curve as input, it used the extruded surface as input, but the extruded surface has been deleted and is not available anymore. So this has "broken the chain" of history updating.

In the future I'll be trying to make some different ways to attach more information to objects to preserve the history chain through these operations that currently break it, but it will probably be a while before this is available, I probably don't want to do it too automatically because I am worried about file size growing a lot if there are a lot of intermediate objects being saved.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense - basically to sum it up, certain tools that involve deleting an object and replacing it will break the history chain right now. History can be chained, but only for tools that construct a new object and leave the old object intact.

My favorite demo of a cool chain right now - draw a closed curve, offset it (better to offset using a distance right now rather than through point mode), then select both curves and do an extrude. Now you can turn on points for the original curve and edit it, and the extruded shape with wall thickness will update with your curve edits - this is a chain of an offset and an extrude.

> For Copy Multiple ? (Button "Make Copy" is maybe not a Copy Multiple or an array
> Copy of object?
> Check boxes Yes for the copy but what about the number of copy?

There will be a different tool for making a specified number of copies, either in a grid layout or rotationally. I guess I can do this pretty soon.

> I had seen that Space Barre Selection is added for Select/ Deselect :)

That's just using the same keyboard shortcut that you defined in the previous beta. Right now each beta version uses the same moi.ini file, so they will share settings between them.

> (or better include as third choice in the Space Barre selection? Is that
> possible? it will be tricky and very useful)

Hmmm, this would not be easy to do right now. It would have to remember the old selection on the first key press so that it could change it on the third key press... So I won't be able to do this one for you right now, sorry.

> A function "Hide Inverse Selected" will be also a task :)

Here you go:

[Shortcut Keys]
H=script:moi.geometryDatabase.invertSelection(); moi.geometryDatabase.hide();

Or if you would like the object to remain selected, then do this instead:

[Shortcut Keys]
H=script:moi.geometryDatabase.invertSelection(); moi.geometryDatabase.hide(); moi.geometryDatabase.selectAll();

That basically gives you the "Isolate selection" type thing on a keystroke.

- Michael