Buy Modo 601 or not?

 From:  PaQ
Hi Andras,

I think your suspicious about the discount is wrong.

- Luxology just merge with The Foundry (Nuke, Mari), so there is really no chance the both companies will be acquired by anyone soon.
- 601 was released in end feb 2011 if I remember right ... You probably can count on 1 year cycle for 701.

Finally the vertex normal problem when importing in Blender is still there. Reordering the normals inside blender dont help.
I have heard about the plugin (using .lwo right ?), but it doesnt really help, as soon you render the model, original normals are deleted and replaced with an average smoothing one.

It's really a big limitation, that makes blender a really bad choice for rendering MoI geometry.

EDITED: 11 Dec 2012 by PAQ