Buy Modo 601 or not?

 From:  BlackBird
Hi, i dont know if i should buy modo601.
its 40% cheaper till 21.December.
the problem is that i use Blender and i realy like it. i imagine that i can model faster with blender than with modo, cos i know a lot
hotkeys. I also like the Cycles GPU Renderer but the Modo Rendere is also very fast and powerful.
Blender can import the most files i need (STL OBJ 3DS).
Modo cannot import(STL) without a script or something.
I really like the Material-library from Modo and the Assets and so.
Blender is a fast growing Multi-App. i can model animate sculpt paint render unwrap gameengine paint physics particles cameratracking Compositing Videoediting. its free and runs on linux win and mac
you can use the Internal Renderer or Cycles or Luxrenderer or Yafaray or Indigo(payware)
but the offer is nice.. about 550€ for this programm. what do you think?
buy or not to buy? i dont like to use 2 programs cause its hard to learn 2 at the same time and keep it all in mind.