import options - sorry

 From:  Michael Gibson
559.6 In reply to 559.1 
> What other import options is MOI v.1 going to have?

Hi Rob, I'm planning on reading 2D curves out of Adobe Illustrator files, but that will be it for V1.

> If you can create polys from nurbs and you can see the preview result in MOI
> with all the quads, it seems strange that it cant handle polys on import.

Well, if you could import them you would probably want to do more than just see them on the screen, you would probably also expect to be able to edit them in certain ways, snap on to them, select them, export them to different formats, etc...

So doing an import would be part of a package of a larger chunk of general "polygon support work". I decided to skip this work for the time being and instead be more focused just on NURBS geometry (except for the polygon export of course).

At some point in the future I can see adding in some kind of basic support, but it will probably be a while before that happens.

- Michael