Any 3D Printing for Dummies tutorials out there?

 From:  blowlamp
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Well as usual, Michael is first out of the blocks and seems to have it covered, but here's my contribution anyway.

These things seem to use a similar process to MRI Scanners seen in hospitals and suchlike. Whereby an item is 'printed' in a series of cross sections, which are stacked vertically, and eventually a replica is produced.

The cross sections can be generated by a kind of 'waterline' process.

So imagine your part is in a container that is filled with a small quantity of liquid - where the part and liquid meet is a waterline contour and is equivalent to the outline shape of the first pass of the print. Keep repeating the process by adding a small amount of liquid and recording the outline, and by the time your part is fully submerged you should have a complete image.

To simulate this in MoI, you could draw your solid chain (leave a small gap between the links) and do a Boolean Isect with a planar surface. This would be equivalent to a layer in the printed stack. Obviously a planar surface has no thickness, but the principle is there.

One way these printers work is to deposit layers of powder which are then solidified in the required areas by a laser. The remaining powder acts as a support for the item whilst it's being created, so the finished article is then 'dug out' and the powder is used again.