Hackintosh & MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, if you'd like to give bold text on buttons a try on your system, you can set that up by editing a line in moi.css .

To get to it, right-click on the MoI app and choose "Show package contents", and then inside there go to drive_c/moi/ui/moi.css - you should be able to edit it with TextEdit.app

Inside of there go to the section right near the top (at line 43) that says: /*** Command buttons ***/ , and inside the first rule there add an entry for font-weight:bold; , it should look like this, the extra line is marked with >>>> <<<<< do not actually put the>>> <<<< when you add it though:

     /*** Command buttons ***/

    moi\:CommandButton, moi\:CommandMenuButton, moi\:CommandSplitButton {
        border:1px solid transparent;
        padding:1px 0.1em 2px 0.1em;
>>>>    font-weight:bold;  <<<<

After that your button text will be bold. Sometimes it's a bit surprising how heavy bold text can be though.

- Michael