Hackintosh & MoI

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Hi Michael -

[I have to make a customized version of FreeType in order to get that enabled and I did have that working at one point early on but then at some point with one particular Wineskin upgrade it stopped working from some kind of mismatch between different FreeType versions and I gave up on it because it's not really too bad as-is with the colors that MoI happens to mostly use for backgrounds. It tends to look worse on white backgrounds.]

Yeah it is noticeable, but your app is certainly not the only one with poor font rendering on the Mac so i certainly wouldn't be feeling too bad over it, to be honest, if i had not used the windows version beforehand, i would probably not have noticed

[At some point I may be able to dig back into that and get that back working again.]

Not a problem here really, just noticeable that's all. I think personally, it is more important to have system stability over having everything system identical. They are different OS's at the end of the day, identical behaviour with the same level of robustness is what i am more interested in above all else. Also, I must keep in mind that my GTX560 is not directly supported by nvidia with an **official** driver for OSX and is pretty much dependent upon kernel settings and extensions rather than being a full blown driver. If it's possible to detect within MoI if it's operating under wine or not, it might be just as easy to set the font to boldfaced if the words would still sit on the buttons as a temp solution until such time as there is no mismatch. But like I have said, not needed here, but just a thought.

Martin Spencer-Ford