Hackintosh & MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, yeah the font rendering on Wine happens through FreeType and it only gets a kind of grayscale level type anti-aliasing rather than the sub-pixel type anti-aliasing.

I have to make a customized version of FreeType in order to get that enabled and I did have that working at one point early on but then at some point with one particular Wineskin upgrade it stopped working from some kind of mismatch between different FreeType versions and I gave up on it because it's not really too bad as-is with the colors that MoI happens to mostly use for backgrounds. It tends to look worse on white backgrounds.

At some point I may be able to dig back into that and get that back working again.

I think though that everything else in the GUI other than the font rendering should be identical between OSX and Windows, since it uses the exact same Qt rasterization code for things like gradients, rounded corners and that type of stuff.

- Michael