Hackintosh & MoI

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Martin, yup that change that I posted before will only modify "command buttons", those are the type of buttons that have an icon with smaller sized text underneath them - when you had mentioned something about "words sitting on buttons" I had thought you were asking about modifying just these kinds of buttons, but I guess what you meant by that was just if the bolded text would fit or whether it would get chopped off. The fitting part should not be a problem, the UI will expand automatically to accommodate the slightly larger bold text, that ability to make controls adapt to text size is a fundamental part of MoI's whole UI mechanism.

So would you instead like to have all text in every spot in the UI as bold? If so then it's possible to do that by modifying one line at the top of the moi.css file instead, go to the rule at the very top of the file (the one for "html, body"), and add a font-weight:bold; to it so that it looks like this: (again the >>>> <<<< shows the added line, don't actually add the>>> <<< characters themselves):
html, body {
>>> font-weight:bold; <<<<

That should then get pretty much all text to be bold - I think about the only thing that won't be bold would be the object snap tags that are displayed inside inside of the viewport and the shortcut key editor, those are on somewhat different systems than the rest of the UI. And I guess a couple of other assorted minor things like tooltips would not be bold, but for the most part it should do it I think.

By the way if you want to see a really funny UI customization, go to moi.css and "uncomment" (remove the /* */ around them) the 2 rules at the very bottom of the file. Maybe not if you tend to get vertigo though... ;)

- Michael